LIVALL: Smart cycling helmet


Improving on its predecessor, the LIVALL Cycle Helmet offers fantastic features with a focus on functionality and most important an emphasis on safety. In today’s emergence of Internet of Things (IoT), LIVALL is another addition that’s packed with smart features to keep you safe on the road.

To start with, the new LIVALL Cycle Helmet is made from a combination of EPS foam and polycarbonate – two advanced materials that not only makes it lightweight, but also create a layer of security between your head and any impact that could occur. Being puncture resistant, it can withstand even high-speed impacts with minimal possible damage to the helmet itself. Moreover, comfort is ensured with a strategic ventilation channel so you can focus less on sweat and heat, and more on the road.

This smart helmet is made for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to push the limit every time. And can also be used riding around in any local neighborhood.  To help monitor your training sessions, it has a built-in heart rate sensor that lets you see your real-time heart rate. It’s also kind enough to let you know when you’ve stressed yourself out so much that your heart rate can become life-threatening. This is possible with an automated voice warning that alerts you whenever this happens during your cycle.

LIVALL helmet

LIVALL also acts as a proactive road safety assistant, setting alerts and warnings for fellow cyclists and other motorists about your turning intents and driving habits. It’s very useful at night, where it’s quite hard for others to see you on the road. With the provided remote controller, you can set your signal to turn with just a push of a button. You can also enable LED indicator lights for others to take notice of your ride. Adding to overall safety is its emergency alert feature, which automatically sends out a message with your present location to your nominated contact whenever you get involved in an emergency situation.

As safety is its top priority, smart connectivity features also come standard. LIVALL Cycle Helmet also gives you the power to effortlessly chat among your fellow riders, make and take calls, listen to music on the fly, and even take photos – all without compromising riding safety. A simple linking setup on the LIVALL mobile app sets up your smartphone to your helmet via Bluetooth. From there, the remote controller gives you the control over what you can do. The helmet acts as a wireless walkie-talkie for seamless chatting with other connected cyclists, a hands-free for phone calls, a wireless music player, and a camera that can be launched with the remote controller.

LIVALL takes mundane tasks on the road and make it smart, all thanks to a slew of smart features built right in. You can free your hands so you can stay safe on the road, while doing the things you love on your ride.