BEAKOR: Smart bike safety for any bike


Safety always comes first when it comes to cycling. And for the bikes of the future, it’s a key element. Smart bikes have been around for some time now, and the main logic behind them is to keep its driver safe and alert at all times. Smart bikes create a sense of safety, both for the driver and the people around, by essentially mimicking how safe cars would be on the road.

Smart bikes are a convenient alternative to roam around town due to its relatively compact form, and it doesn’t use fuel to run which makes it more friendly to the environment and your wallet. However, smart bikes are not cheap – starter smart bike packages usually start around 700 to 800 dollars. With a steep price tag, it’s hard for some people to justify the upfront cost for its usage.

An ambitious startup project aims to deliver the same smart bike experience, while keeping high costs out of the equation. It’s called BEAKOR, a wireless bike accessory that gives bikers essential smart features they need for the smart bike experience.

What BEAKOR does is it equips any bike with smart features for you to get the most out of your biking experience. It comes as a pair of front-mounted and rear-mounted devices that are embedded with sensors and signaling equipment, working together with a companion mobile app. BEAKOR equips any bike with an LED headlamp, brake lights, blinkers, turning indicators, and a blind spot detection feature, all adding up to overall safety while on the road.


In addition, BEAKOR also has a pair of HD cameras (front and back) for recording unforeseen events and for its so-called “mirror mode”, which provides a rear-view live video feed to your connected smartphone. Mirror mode gives you an added sense of security while biking, since it eliminates your need to turn around and look for what’s happening behind you. All you have to do is focus on the road and BEAKOR can help you be aware of your surroundings.

Accidents do happen frequently with cyclists all over the world. BEAKOR is proactive to alert your pre-configured contacts in the unlikely event of an emergency. It also has built-in GPS to send your location along with the accident alert. If any of its sensors appear tampered in any emergency, the mobile app will automatically send this alert using your phone.

Other key features that come standard with BEAKOR include a smart anti-theft alarm system, powerful horn signal, social network connectivity for your friends to track your cycling activities, and cycling metrics that track your cycling habits.

Smart bikes are the pinnacle of biking safety, thanks mainly to safety features that let its driver focus more on the road and less managing the ride itself. BEAKOR delivers the basic smart safety features for any bike without burning a hole in your wallet.