CAPE Rebellion: Virtual sound wherever you go

CAPE Sound

Spatial audio technology has been out for some time as a futuristic way to deliver sound. This novel piece of tech has been known in high-end audio equipment, but a tech startup tries to put spatial audio for the mainstream consumer audio hardware – a way for almost everyone to experience virtual sound anywhere and anytime they’d like. The CAPE Rebellion is a pair of wireless spatial audio headphones that aims to give a new kind of listening experience.

The spatial audio works by changing your perception of hearing sound. It lets you detect the relative location from where a sound element is coming, helping to add another dimension to your music or any audio piece. With this tech, you’ll know where the sounds come from, or how subtle or intense that musical instrument plays. In addition, it also enhances audio quality by giving a sense of depth and layering. Spatial audio promises a listening experience that puts you right in the center of the sound.

Accuracy is a key element for spatial audio. CAPE Rebellion gives a distinct and accurate representation of your music as the sound engineer intended – this means that you can listen to your music the way it’s meant to be heard, complete with all details you may have missed using conventional earbuds or other headphones.

Cape Sound

It’s also compatible with a wide range of audio experiences – from your music to movies and even in virtual reality experiences such as games and virtual worlds. Comfort is also heavily considered as CAPE Rebellion is meant for prolonged periods of listening in various applications, especially for gaming or during traveling.

Aside from spatial audio technology as a standard feature, CAPE Rebellion also has active noise cancellation technology paired with noise-dampening earcups for optimum noise attentuation. It promises to make ambient noise sound like a whisper, barely even blending with the audio you only care about. With a single charge, it can give up to 15 hours of continuous playback with audio-cancelling feature turned on. You can also choose to go the wired route for usage without the need to charge it up.

Wireless audio doesn’t come compromised, thanks to the combination of Bluetooth 4.2 and aptX audio coding technology. While other wireless headphones tend to diminish audio quality, CAPE Rebellion aims to replicate the exact high-fidelity sound that you can expect from a pair of high-end pair of cans.

CAPE Rebellion comes as a competitive alternative to the portfolio of high-end headphones in the market today. It’s packed with tons of smart features like spatial audio and noise cancellation, while also maintaining a high level of comfort for all-day listening and portability.