CRONZY Pen: Smart pen for drawing and writing with any color

Crozy Smart Pen

The humble pen has gone to a whole new level thanks to technology – that’s what the CRONZY Pen  is all about. It’s a smart pen with a strikingly svelte look and can write and draw in any color you want.

CRONZY Pen allows you to draw and write in any color you want without the need for separate pens of various colors. This nifty tool takes advanced color scanning technology and pair it with a striking form factor that’s both useful and beautiful. A metal housing protects all the electronics inside, and gives a distinct high-end feel when you pick it up. This pen lets you write and draw in the exact color you want, with a broad spectrum of 16 million colors. It’s a creative artist’s dream come true.

The technology behind it is advanced yet made simple for the end user. A color scanner at the end tip of the CRONZY Pen lets you point it towards an object with the color that you want to write with. This scanner sends the data it collects to the ink cartridge, and the cartridge automatically mixes the exact color you want and push the ink through the nib. It’s fancy but it works.

Cronzy Drawing Pen

A companion mobile app also lets you choose the color you want to write or draw with. The app presents a color palette with a circular dial selection for you to easily choose the perfect shade of the color you want.

What makes CRONZY Pen an ideal tool for drawing is that it can produce lifelike colors that represents things around us. So whether you choose to draw a true-to-life-looking tree, or a portrait of a person, this pen can help you do whatever you desire.

Its handy case makes a convenient docking hub for you to recharge your CRONZY Pen. With a built-in power supply, the charging case allows you to rest your pen while also charging it at the same time. In addition, the case can also hold up to three other nib sizes, so you can choose to replace the tip depending on your writing or drawing needs.

Smart technology comes to the humble pen, and it can change the way we write. If you’re fancy about writing and drawing without fumbling around with many pens, this is the right tool for you. CRONZY Pen Pen takes every color you can imagine and bring it to tangible strokes that you can see and feel on any surface.