CellRobot: Do-it-yourself modular robot

CellBobot Modular

Robots are very cool. They can do many things that can make our lives easier. However, they are somehow limited to laboratories for research purposes. They are also very expensive, and some robots do require some high-level techy knowledge – many of us probably won’t take the time to go through that. Luckily one tech startup aims to revolutionize how robots can become a part of our everyday lives without burning a hole in our pocket. Meet CellRobot, a modular robot system that you can build by yourself in minutes, and no complicated setup required.

CellRobot is built upon the modular design concept, which makes use of components that you assemble yourself into hundreds of possible contraptions. With the help of an app on your Smartphone or tablet, you can easily manipulate your robot creation for a variety of uses. CellRobot allows you to make endless robot configurations for any type of application you want it to do. Say you wanted to make a robot that can draw a picture for you, CellRobot can be configured to do just that.

The nature of modular robots is in CellRobot’s namesake – with self-sustaining modules or “cells” that carry algorithms to run itself, you can create a mechanical “organism” that is able to do a variety of tasks for you. Each module carries a range of sensors, chip-sets, and moving parts, each working in harmony with each other to perform a wide range of tasks you want it to do. Each “cell” is spherical, with physical and electrical mounting points strategically placed on its entire surface in order to connect with other modules. In addition to these modules, CellRobot also lets you put wheels and cameras for mobility and surveillance purposes.

CellRobot Modular

CellRobot’s mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, is at the heart of every action you assign to your robotic contraption. With the app, you have access to a variety of pre-configured contraption designs or builds in the shape library. This allows you to build your own robot based on existing builds or designs, which are catered to do certain tasks. You can also create your own from scratch in Custom Mode. From the app, Custom Mode will let you configure your own robot build depending on what you want it to do. The app will guide you on the possible movements based on your own design, and the modules will respond accordingly based on their relative positions to each other.

Hundreds of builds can be made using CellRobot. You can configure it to become a home surveillance system, to being a pet companion that can take photos and videos, and even being a remotely-controlled race car toy made possible by wheel attachments. And with open-source hardware support, users can add actuators and other kinds of sensors to enable more kinds of configurations.

What CellRobot does is to take advanced robotics technology and bring it to the mainstream consumer. Thanks to its modular design and a powerful mobile app, your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with robots.