Egger: Fun, child-friendly interactive projector

Eggar Learning

Wouldn’t it be more fun for kids if learning can be more interactive and intuitive? Augmented reality technology, or AR, is becoming a useful tool for enhanced learning and fun activities for children. With the Egger interactive projector, it’s easy for parents and teachers to guide children towards a more immersive and fun learning environment.

While we are surrounded by lots of screens from our phones, computers, and other electronic devices, it’s easy to forget that children now-a-days spend so much time staring at these screens – potentially harming their eyes in the long run. What Egger does is to take the same colorful viewing experience from conventional screens, and project these images onto a wall. This significantly reduces eye strain for kids’ eyes, and lets them learn things on a bigger canvas with added functionality thanks to AR.

Egger is an Android-powered projector shaped like an ostrich egg. A horizontal slot that goes around its center opens up the projector module. As it starts up, subtle and smooth movements of its outer “shell” and the lens replicate a friendly cartoon character, helping kids to recognize Egger as an adorable learning companion.

Thanks to a wide-angle projector lens, you can set it up to render a maximum viewing area of 150 inches diagonally from a fixed distance of 13 feet  – effectively creating an immersive canvas for your kids to enjoy. Egger can project anything: from movies, games, and even AR-powered creativity applications. These apps, powered by augmented reality, let kids do paintings, sketches, and drawings right on the projected image itself. You can also do life-like video calls over Wi-Fi with its built-in camera, allowing your family can stay in touch with their friends or relatives from any point in the world.

Eggar Learning

While its main function is to display your kid’s content over a wall, Egger also acts as a family-friendly media hub with its set of hardware inputs. You can stream over your movies and TV shows directly from Egger via the HDMI port. You can also copy photos and share it on the big canvas, thanks to built-in USB port. And you can also stream audio such as your music directly on the 3.5mm standard audio port.

It’s light enough to carry anywhere, yet heavy on its suite of features. Egger is also built with top safety in mind with its kid-proof magnetic charging attachment, helping kids become safe from harmful electric currents. And with the LED lampshade feature, Egger can sit on your kid’s bedside table as a friendly sleeping companion at night.

Egger takes a child-friendly approach to technology and learning. With its set of features, learning for your kids can be as fun as it gets.