BONX Grip: Wearable walkie-talkie for outdoor enthusiasts

BONX Wearable

Outdoor activities are fun, especially when you’re in a group of people. The saying “the more, the merrier” holds true on this one. But to take the fun factor to a higher level, it’s a must that you have good communication with your team on the fly. Smart wearable tech comes in to this situation, and the BONX Grip is an example of how wearable’s can elevate your outdoor experiences and make it more thrilling and fun. BONX Grip is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless communications device that fits right in your ear, freeing up your hands to do more in the open outdoors.

What BONX Grip does is enable group conversations among your outdoor peers, eliminating the need to exert so much effort to talk with your friends or companions. A suite of smart technologies are built right into it, so you don’t have to fuss around with your devices when you’re right in the moment.

Starting with its compact yet rugged form factor, it is truly designed to take the outdoors. The design team at BONX made it possible to create an ergonomic fit for such wearable device, since it’s made to be worn for extended periods. It’s made to be shock and water resistant with IPX5 certification – you can take BONX Grip with you in rainy conditions, but it’s not rated for underwater use. It also has an open-back earpiece design, so you can still hear everything that’s going on around you while keeping in touch with your peers.

BONX Wearable

The technology behind the BONX Grip is simple. It uses your smartphone’s cellular data reception to transmit audio, a technology called Voice over IP (VoIP). This enables you to talk to up to 10 of your peers using BONX Grip with unlimited range – as long as every member of your group has a cellular signal. Bluetooth wireless technology built into BONX Grip bridges your smartphone and your ear, and acts as a transmitter and a receiver for two-way communication among your group. All this is enabled by the BONX mobile app – from here, a simple setup is the only thing that’s needed for you to enjoy wireless peer-to-peer communication without the fuss.

Low latency is also key to a seamless communication experience when you’re out in the open. BONX Grip makes it happen, so you can experience talking to your group like you’re just facing them personally. With a voice-activated mechanism, it takes your voice to talk to your peers without the need to fumble around buttons or switches. Built-in dual microphones with noise-cancellation and wind resistance technologies allows you to talk clearly without straining your voice.

BONX was founded in Japan by a group of outdoor enthusiasts. This device is built upon the premise of clear and effortless communication among friends within the outdoor setting. The BONX Grip is a smart wearable device that lets you do more while keeping in touch with your outdoor group.

Introduction to BONX Grip from BONX Inc. on Vimeo.