Axum Gear: Ultimate wireless earbuds

Axum Earbuds

Wireless is truly the way to go for portable audio. To start with, our Smartphones and other gadgets were made to be fully detached from wires. We carry our devices all the time. It’s safe to say that it’s high time for our tunes to be liberated as well, free from the fuss of wires. However, it’s still quite hard for audio device makers to produce a truly refined, portable, wireless audio solution – this is mostly due to fairly inadequate battery life that’s commonly associated with wireless earbuds. One startup is aiming to change this perception about wireless earbuds, helping you to get the most out of your music without tying yourself with wires. Meet Axum Gear, a pair of truly wireless earbuds that’s defined primarily for sports-inclined individuals. It promises to keep you from wired earphones for good.

What Axum Gear brings to the table is its combination of true wireless convenience and a tightly integrated audio system. While other wireless audio solutions are plagued with distorted or reduced-quality audio, Axum Gear can give true justice to your music as the sound engineer originally intended.

At the core of its wireless stature is Bluetooth 4.1, delivering audio wirelessly to your ears. Paired with Bluetooth wireless, Axum Gear features M-voiD (Multidisciplinary Virtually Optimized Industrial Design) audio technology – a patented sound enhancement feature that aims to restore original sound quality, cleaning up audio colorations and distortions caused by a variety of acoustic factors. This audio technology has only been exclusively used in luxury car audio installations, and Axum Gear is the world’s first pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds to use this piece of audio technology. This lets you hear your audio wirelessly in its original recorded quality.

They say that one pair of socks can’t fit everybody’s feet. Essentially, it’s true, but for Axum Gear, it’s the complete opposite. These pair of wireless earbuds are crafted for optimum fit and comfort, owing to the built-in adjustable hook to fit a wide range of ears. Along with the adjustable hook, Axum Gear comes with both silicone and foam type ear tips in three sizes, so you can customize your fit. All these features come together to deliver a comfortable user experience paired with great-sounding wireless audio.

Some people tend to lose their earbuds because of their size. Axum Gear provides a convenient and clever way to store your earbuds. The on-the-go storage case also acts as the charging hub for the Axum Gear – with magnetic charging built right in, you don’t have to worry losing your earbuds again. The case securely holds your pair of Axum Gear earbuds with magnets, keeping it in place, while also simultaneously charging them. A full 1-hour charge gives you 4 hours of wireless playback, giving you more time enjoying your audio wirelessly.

Axum Earbuds

As these pair of earbuds are made for the athletic individual, it’s important to protect its sensitive components from water in all forms – sweat, sea, rain, snow, or fog. Axum Gear is truly waterproof, with all of its internal components and the external housing coated with Liquipel Nanotech waterproof coating. Axum Gear is fully waterproof – you decide where you’ll take your music.

Axum Gear takes your tunes to an entirely new territory: wireless convenience paired with superior audio quality in a compact form. While it’s made for sporty individuals, it tailors to ordinary people as well – those who look for a true wireless audio solution while keeping pristine audio quality that can be heard from studio-quality headphones or other stationary audio setups.