Cinch!: Smartest pop-up tent


Cinch -

DIY tents are cool – they can be brought anywhere, and assembled in a matter of minutes.  However, they’re also basic. In fact, it’s so basic that it only gives you rain and sun resistance, as well as a temporary shelter on the go. With all the smart technologies being built into our everyday things, tents can benefit from these as well. Meet Cinch (stylized as “Cinch!”), a new kind of pop-up tent that incorporates smart and useful features to help you get the most out of your camping trip.

Cinch has been around for a few years, and with the latest one, it offers a variety of smart technologies built right in. It has a heat-reflective insulation layer that helps regulate the heat from the outside, so you get maximum comfort whatever the weather. With an enhanced solar power feature, Cinch packs a built-in 13,000-mAh power bank that’s directly connected to the solar panels to keep your gadgets powered up without the hassle. An enlarged canopy also offers more space for yourself or your companions, claiming it has 75% bigger space than its predecessor. And with its namesake, it’s a cinch to put up and get going.

Starting with the power features, Cinch lets you charge your mobile devices simultaneously. An enhanced solar power capability translates to three times more power from the original Cinch tent. A generous 13,000-mAh power bank allows you to plug your phone, speakers, or other USB-powered devices all at the same time. You can live off the grid without being tied down. In addition, it’s also made for the dark, thanks to built-in LED lighting.

Scorching heat from the sun won’t be an issue, thanks to a new kind of insulating fabric wrapping around the Cinch tent. It’s a heat-regulating layer made from an ultra-reflective material, letting you enjoy a cooler canopy every time. Since the insulating layer is made to be modular, it sits atop the tent whenever you need it and you can detach it when packing up.

Cinch is made to give comfort as well as long-term durability. With a double-stitched layer all throughout, you can be assured of a comfortable resting experience every single time. And with all these cool features, it reduces itself to just a compact disc-shaped rucksack that adds to portable convenience. After all, camping is not about stressing yourself with lots of complicated and bulky setups.

The ultimate camping experience starts with a good tent – it provides temporary shelter and some smart features to help you get the most out of your trip. Cinch is a smart pop-up tent, letting you have a camping experience that’s better than the usual.