Eon: Power up your regular skateboard

Eon Skateboard

Ever wanted to push the envelope of what your ordinary skateboard can do? You can stop dreaming about it right now. Meet Eon, the outboard motor for skateboards that directly gives pushing power for your skateboard, so you can go further effortlessly. It is a fully electric power-train that allows you to convert any skateboard into an electric skateboard.

What Eon brings to the table is its nimble features. With this installed, you can ride your skateboard up to speeds of 21 miles per hour  – enough to slip through bustling city streets and zip through traffic. It packs a riding range of up to 15 miles, so you can either go further in a single charge, or continue your everyday commute in areas without a bus or train service. Eon’s maximum speed and distance coverage is achieved thanks to its lightweight construction – tipping the scale at just 2.1 kilograms, it adds minimum bulk to your existing board. Eon comes with a handheld controller so you can focus more on the road with minimal distraction.

Flexibility is key with Eon. With a wide compatibility across a variety of skateboard configurations, Eon can seamlessly fit into most skateboards. A modular form factor allows you to configure Eon with almost any board, and you can fit your board with Eon’s three power-train setups depending on your usage type. There’s a solo setup outfitted with a single motor that’s enough for most people; a cruiser setup which adds an additional battery pack so you can go way further than the usual; and a R setup which outfits your board with two motors for the perfect speed boost and hill-climbing performance.

Eon Skateboard

A companion smartphone app gives you the control over which power-train mode you wish to use. There are three pre-configured modes you can choose from, and a custom mode which lets you customize your ride. A beginner mode will give a proper learning curve with a low top speed and less torque. Eco mode lets you maximize your Eon-fitted skateboard, rated for maximum range. The Pro mode will let you feel maxed-out power features such as top acceleration, braking, and a temporary speed boost similar to a car’s nitro.

Eon makes your ordinary skateboard work similar with other mainstream powered skateboards. It features regenerative braking, converting braking power into an electric charge for your battery. With a carbon fiber-plated chassis, Eon is lightweight yet full on features. The motor is also directly coupled to the wheels for maximum torque and responsiveness.

Don’t own a skateboard? Eon is also available as a complete setup, with a variety of board designs to choose from. As with the modular setup, the complete setup also comes in the solo, cruiser, and R variants.

With a simple bolting setup, Eon can transform an ordinary skateboard into a fully-featured electric skateboard that helps you cruise the streets in a slick and efficient way.