KOMBOS: Portable modular keyboard

Kombos Keyboard

The modern musical keyboard has been the same for many years. A great instrument for learning to play the piano for many, as well as, a great introduction to learning learning how to play music.  Typically large in size which makes a full keyboard ‘bulky’ while transporting and requires a larger area for set up. If you have ever tried to travel or transport a conventional keyboard, you understand  what we are talking about.  In addition, you  always need to make sure there is a power outlet close by to plug into. A company called KOMBOS is changing the ways of the conventional keyboard in a unique way.

KOMBOS has created a modular keyboard and the idea was inspired from pure necessity. If you are a person who loves music, a hobbyist, a DJ, a music producer, or thinking of taking up an instrument – you will love this device. Its fully portable and allows you to take the KOMBOS anywhere. It allows you to use the device in sets of 25, 37,49 and 61 keys. Five modular sections make a full keyboard. Yet you only need 1 section to begin paying with it. It also has audio quality that compares to professional grade keyboards in a studio environment.

KOMBOS Keyboard

KOMBOS has a rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of continues battery life. No need to look for a wall outlet or worry about finding power.  The keys are full sized and the modular connection is a breeze to snap together. You will not need any wires to connect the KOMBOS to countless devices. Using Bluetooth, you can sync with your iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone. Or connect to a Macbook pro/air, as well as, Mac/PC. Having a keyboard that is expandable, powerful and easy to transport is a game changer.

You can use KOMBOS at clubs, homes, schools, events, outdoor parties. You can also use it while a passenger in a car, on a plane or just lounging around. It can be used in any setting that you can find. KOMBOS is not only  both USB-MIDI and traditional MIDI compliant, yet also works with some of your favorite apps. Its compatible with  hundreds of apps such as GarageBand, 50 in one, and much more.