LaserDock: Bring amazing laser visuals to your home

LaserDock Home

Ever had the experience of going to concerts and events with a highly orchestrated laser visuals? Truth be told, these colorful light streaks look amazing every single time. However, replicating them takes some sophisticated equipment. But now, you can take home the exact same colorful visuals with LaserDock – it’s a laser projector with hundreds of visualizations to fit your mood.

In a nutshell, LaserDock is made up of three components built to work harmoniously together. A combination of a highly capable laser projector, a music visualizer, and a laser light show software called LaserOS. It’s also portable, so you can take your visuals anywhere, anytime – all without the complex setup. LaserDock draws its inspiration and capabilities from its creator, Wicked Lasers, a company known for its range of laser-powered products. Built from the ground up, the device takes colorful laser visuals we see in shows, festivals, and concerts, and recreate the same immersive lighting experience in the comforts of your home or in any venue.

At the heart of the LaserDock is a single-Watt RGB laser projector. This highly advanced hardware component is equipped with pure-diode lasers, able to show millions of colors. These diodes are then amplified by a set of Galvo amplifiers to give off a very bright visual reproduction. Once the light signals are fired up, a set of Galvo mirrors project the laser visuals onto a wall. It supports a projected image size of up to 4 square meters from a distance of 6 meters – you can size up how much of the visuals you’ll be able to see from a certain distance.

Laserdock home

LaserDock has more than a hundred visualizations built in, so you can pick the right one that suits your taste or mood. It includes visualizers like Fractals, Plasma, Vortex, Fourier, and many more. What’s great about LaserDock is its wide compatibility with a variety of devices. Whatever device you have – be it a PC, Mac, or an Android phone – LaserDock will feel right at home. Just plug in LaserDock to any of these supported devices, and you can fire up laser visuals in no time.

Want to have a no-fuss visual-packed music party? LaserDock lets you do just that with the LaserTunes app. Basically, the app has pre-built laser shows that showcase some of today’s hottest artists. When you pair LaserDock with the LaserTunes app, you can fire up a custom laser show with a set playlist of your choice. You can choose from a range of shows, including those with songs from Led Zeppelin, Pharrell Williams, Pink Floyd, and many others.

While conventional outdoor laser shows take a lot of hardware setups, LaserDock consolidates the complexity with a single unit that you can take anywhere. Its plug-and-play nature lets you enjoy laser visuals right in the comforts of your home, or anywhere you’d like.