AUXON: Wireless, hands-free music in pools and beaches

Auxon Music

Portable music devices do give some aural justice to your tunes when you’re on the go. But most of these handy speakers fail to work with waters in pools and beaches, as they are usually not waterproof. What if you could take your music even in such places, yet still being able to enjoy rich and clear audio? Meet AUXON, a fully waterproof and wireless portable speaker that floats in the water while producing high-quality audio, all in a simple yet functional design.

Starting with the design, AUXON keeps audio fidelity in mind with a strategically positioned set of speakers around it. Its five 50mm sound units and a single 70mm bass unit give justice to your tunes without losing a portable form factor. Even while floating in water, AUXON delivers crisp audio with 360-degree coverage thanks to a blend of high quality ABS and PP plastics, with the speakers themselves kept in place by tight rubber membranes. AUXON’s construction provides enough room for sound to move freely, helping it to reproduce high-quality audio. It’s rated to be IP66 compliant, so you don’t have to worry about water seeping in while you use it.

Auxon Music

Smart features come standard with AUXON. Aside from its ability to stream tunes wirelessly via Bluetooth, AUXON also takes voice calls from your phone with the press of a button on the speaker itself. You don’t have to reach out for your phone just to take calls when you’re on the water. AUXON lets you answer and reject calls by pressing a button, as well as control its volume right on the unit itself. In addition, you can also stream live radio within your area with its built-in radio. Controlling AUXON is easy, thanks to its built-in monochrome digital screen that’s legible enough to read even in direct sunlight.

Usually, portable speakers have means to be recharged via a mains outlet. For AUXON, this is not the case. AUXON gets its power from a monocrystalline solar panel that makes it fully autonomous from your wall outlet and keeps it running without intervention. In addition, it has an on-board lithium-ion battery that keeps it running for 10 hours on a single charge. So whenever you’re out in a sunny day at the pool or the beach, AUXON keeps your music freely flowing without you worrying about having to charge it over and over.

AUXON liberates your music when you’re in the waters without taking much effort on your part. It gives you rich audio wherever you take it with you while keeping a functional profile.