COWAROBOT R1: The smart hands-free carry-on


Modern travel is based on the premise of carry-ons, bearing the concept of traveling light. Carry-ons are ubiquitous in all modes of travel. It’s the preferred on-the-go storage for essentials on weekend getaways or business trips. Now that we are living in the era of smart devices, luggages such as carry-ons have already incorporated some of these smart tech to meet the demands of the modern-day traveler. There comes one carry-on that packs a lot of tricks under its sleeve, and it’s called the COWAROBOT R1. It’s touted as the world’s first fully autonomous suitcase, as it goes with you wherever you go with virtually no effort on your part.

First off, the COWAROBOT R1 looks like a normal carry-on suitcase. But look deep inside and it reveals a highly advanced robotics system that does all the magic. Its electronic hardware is designed to take only 4% of the entire volume of the suitcase – technically speaking, you are left with a generous 96% of storage room for all your belongings. After all, it’s still a carry-on with a core function to take your essential things with you anywhere you go.

At the heart of the COWAROBOT R1 is a range of advanced sensors that detect your relative position and understands how to follow you. These sensors are collectively called CO-EYE, which is composed of a depth sensor, sonar sensor, and a cliff-detection sensor. CO-EYE collects positioning data in real-time and streams it over to the CO-MOVE autonomous system, giving it the ability to go along with you as you walk, as well as avoid any obstacles along the way.


COWAROBOT R1 is a fully autonomous carry-on that moves along with you as you go. It’s powered by a 96.5 watt-hour battery that also acts as a power bank for your portable electronics. With a single charge, it can go as far as 12.5 miles at a speed of 4.5 miles per hour, helping you go through some of the most expansive airports without finding yourself too tired from dragging your bag.

The companion armband which is linked to the COWAROBOT R1 lets you fully control the suitcase. With a double tap, you can summon your carry-on back to you in case it gets out of your reach. It also acts as a smart lock – by placing it near the bag’s locking mechanism, you can securely lock and unlock COWAROBOT R1 without fumbling for keys or manually placing a combination code. The armband also lights up to let you know when your bag gets lost or stolen. A companion Smartphone app is also available, which does all the armband’s functions and more. It gives a quick glance at your destination’s weather, GPS tracking for your luggage, and full control of the bag’s smart lock as well as battery info.

With so many features packed into a full-sized carry-on that fits most cabins, the COWAROBOT R1 is the ultimate travel companion for the smart traveler. It propels the future of the carry-on as it allows more people to travel in convenience and style.