ZeusPro: Boost your Wi-Fi

ZeusPro Wifi

Have you ever been in a corner of your home where your Wi-Fi signal can’t reach? Bummer, right? It’s a fact that not all routers can reach into the nooks and crannies of your abode, but there is a simple and unobtrusive solution to this common problem. Introducing ZeusPro, a non-electrical accessory that fits into your existing Wi-Fi router that instantly boosts your router’s wireless signals, so you get a strong and reliable connection from any point in your home.

ZeusPro promises to boost both the signal quality and range of your Wi-Fi router by amplifying the frequency at which your router distributes its signals across a certain area, say your entire house or flat. In layman’s terms, it boosts your Wi-Fi so you get better coverage. How ZeusPro does its charm is simple: it fits into almost any Wi-Fi router, provided it has at least one antenna. Then, it collects the router’s wireless signals and distributes it across an entire area – with up to 360-degree coverage and three times the range, ZeusPro improves your existing router without the need to change its hardware in any way.

As the ZeusPro never uses any electrical power to work, it boosts your Wi-Fi without additional power. Many routers improve its range by customizing its power throughput, but it’s counter-intuitive since it uses more power yet connection drops still happen. ZeusPro aims to give a flawless connection with no signal drops. And as it only needs to be mounted onto any router antenna, it is fully compatible with almost any router.

ZeusPro - Wifi

High attention to design is evident in the ZeusPro. With a sleek metal finish, it adds functional beauty to your existing router. Its non-metallic clip is made to never interfere with the wireless signal, which allows you to get great wireless performance without compromise.

Once installed, ZeusPro offers a range of benefits for your Wi-Fi. It dramatically reduces latency or lag, which improves overall gaming performance. It also reduces interference among your Wi-Fi devices, for seamless connections with all your connected devices. And compared to other Wi-Fi boosting solutions available, ZeusPro is a cost-effective accessory.

ZeusPro is fully compatible with dual-band and tri-band routers, and it also works to boost all routers with 802.11b, g, n, and ac protocols. It’s a cost-effective solution to greatly improve your  range and quality, so you get the most out of your wireless connectivity.