Perseus: The mirror, reinvented

Perseus Mirror

Imagine a mirror that does more than just show you your reflection. Meet Perseus, a smart mirror that brings up the things that you need to start your day. It’s basically a reflective screen, showing you the latest info pulled from the Internet and more.

Perseus presents itself as a smart fixture for any room in your house. It aims to reinvent how you look at those groggy mornings each day – it does it by showing a variety of useful information right before your eyes. With a fully customizable dashboard, you can have the right pieces of information neatly organized for you as your start your day. With a built-in video streaming feature, Perseus lets you stream HD video from your favorite video sources. You can watch the daily morning news, and even sports clips and music videos from all around the Web. As you plan your day, Perseus helps you guide your trips with useful weather information and commute options with maps integration – you’ll know when you are going to need an umbrella or a pair of sunglasses on your way to work or play.

Its slew of smart features doesn’t stop with useful info. Perseus also lets you browse the latest buzz in your social networks, and with the built-in HD camera, you can also take your perfect selfies and share them with your friends across the Web. A companion mobile app for iOS and Android devices lets you remotely set your dashboard to fully suit your preferences. And with upcoming developments underway, we can see integration of third-party apps and cool features like augmented reality and one-scan online purchases.

Perseus Mirror

The hardware that powers Perseus is just as smart and technologically advanced as its software. Starting with the glass itself, it is equipped with an anti-fog feature to give you clear and crisp mirror reflections and on-screen information. The glass is crafted through an annealing process that significantly toughens its overall structure, making it more durable against cracks. Under the hood is a 2-gigahertz quad-core processor, paired with 2 GB of RAM, that delivers smooth performance for bringing up content and in animations. Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas, and built-in microphones and speakers enable Perseus’ smart features. And a low-profile power connection supplies continuous power – you don’t have to worry about losing battery charges and plugging in and out of wall sockets.

The Perseus smart mirror packs essential smart features that lets you do more with a mirror. Its connected nature and flexibility to your lifestyle makes Perseus a great addition to any wall in your home.