GoDJ Plus: Turn up your music anywhere

GODj Music

You can now unleash the inner DJ in you with the GoDJ Plus, a portable yet feature-packed DJ equipment that lets you turn up your music whenever and wherever you go. You don’t even have to be a DJ to learn using it – even beginners can mix music with it.

Conventional DJ equipment setups are sophisticated and stationary, which means they are bulky and require a complicated setup process before you could use it. GoDJ Plus attempts to change that by offering an on-the-go solution for people who want to be their own DJ and do more with their music.

The thought behind it was that DJ setups should not be confined in a fixed, stationary environment. The people behind the GoDJ Plus wanted people who are into mixing their music to go outside and be able to share their craft with others, yet still keeping the features you’d normally find in a usual DJ setup. In addition, GoDJ Plus is not just made for the advanced music mixer enthusiast – it’s built to be user-friendly for a wide range of people, thanks to its simplified layout and controls.

GoDJ Plus packs a punch in audio with a set of built-in speakers. You don’t need to carry a separate audio unit for sound output, so you can stow away your bulky speakers at home and just go out and about with the GoDJ Plus. And with these speakers, it lets you rehearse your mixes anywhere without carrying a separate speaker set, making it easier for you to follow your mixes to a T.

GODJ Music

Built for portability, it has a relatively small footprint – sharing the same size as a sheet of A4 paper. GoDJ Plus also supports external storage via an SD card slot for your music pieces, alongside a generous 16GB of internal storage. And what DJ setup has no controls for your tunes? GoDJ Plus comes with a set of effects and tools to help you recreate your mixes just like you would with a conventional setup. These industry-standard effects include: EQ, Pitch Bend, BPM Analyzer, Hot Cue, Loop, Scratch, RCA Jack, and Mixing Optimization. You can even record your mixes as you do them for easy importing and sharing. Even with a portable and compact form, it doesn’t skimp on features.

A mobile DJ warrior needs ample power to get up and running on-the-go. GoDJ Plus comes with a long-lasting battery that can last up to a maximum of 24 hours on a single charge, so you can mix longer and hug the wall less often.

GoDJ Plus is a mobile DJ setup that takes all the features of a normal DJ mixing equipment and combine it with portability features such as long battery life and powerful speakers. It lets you take your mixes anywhere, anytime without compromising on features.