Lift: Levitate your smartwatch as it charges

Lift Smartwatch

In this age of smart devices, wires and cables are becoming so ‘last decade’. An increasing number of devices are getting the hold on smart charging solutions, including wireless charging. As more people are critical on getting the most out of their devices every day, plugging in and out cables to charge comes as a minor inconvenience. That’s where a true wireless charging experience comes in, starting with the smartwatch. Meet Lift, a new way to power up your smartwatch that puts design and form in parallel with function.

Lift’s main selling point lies within its name. It literally lifts up your smartwatch as it charges. How? It uses a proprietary levitation and induction system that simultaneously charges your smartwatch as it floats atop a square-shaped pedestal. An induction charging system inspired by car maker Tesla is doing all the charging magic while suspending your smartwatch in mid-air.

For the Lift, design and form should not be compromised by the core function – they must coexist in complementing each other. Inspired by Apple, which tightly integrates its hardware and software together, Lift brings a simple and minimalist design yet comes true to its function. Your smartwatch wraps around Lift’s watch holder, making it possible to float while it charges. With both the holder and the pedestal sharing the same design language, Lift goes beyond charging and presents itself as a nice addition to your desktop or room.

When you’re done charging your smartwatch on the Lift, you can choose to make use of a floating light orb, available as an accessory for the Lift. The induction charging technology wirelessly transmits power from the Lift square stand to the light orb, making it perfect for your night stand or any room where you think it fits. In addition, you can also take advantage of your smartphone’s wireless charging feature with the Lift. But don’t expect your Smartphone to float.

Lift Smartwatch

At the core of Lift is a smart circuitry that intelligently knows when to cut off the power as soon as your smartwatch reaches its full charging status. With this, you can be sure your watch is secured from power surges and effects of overcharging.

Lift is fully compatible with all models and sizes of the Apple Watch, as well as the last 2 generations of the Pebble. You don’t have to worry about your watch bands, as all bands can fit right in without impairing Lift’s charging abilities.

While some smartphones have been using wireless charging for some time now, it’s apt to say that smartwatches also deserve true charging convenience. Lift comes at the right time for smartwatches to benefit from smart charging, and opens up the future of convenient charging for our smart devices.