Bagel: The tape measure, reinvented

Bagel Tape Measure

It’s time to bring smart technology to the humble tape measure. With the Bagel digital tape measure, it’s like having the Swiss army knife of measurement devices. It’s time to say goodbye to taking notes and reading small numbers. Thanks to its smart features, you will realize what you’ve done without it.

With a traditional yet rugged design, Bagel pays homage to the conventional tape measure. Made out of durable polycarbonate, it’s strong enough to withstand harsh situations, such as dropping it. Standing supports help to precisely measure vertical and horizontal distances with ease. It also lets you measure almost anything with different measuring modes. In addition, Bagel also syncs your measurements to your phone via a mobile app so you can keep track of everything you measure.

Three measuring modes comes with Bagel out of the box. The first one is a string mode, similar to the traditional tape measure approach. It lets you pull out a string out of its casing, then measure anything like you normally would. Another mode is the wheel mode, where you roll the Bagel along any surface and it automatically senses how far you’ve rolled it. Finally, a remote mode lets you measure hard-to-reach areas like ceilings and walls. A built-in ultrasonic sensor directly points an eye-friendly laser beam to any point you’d like to measure to.

It’s quite confusing and inconvenient for many of us to convert units of length from one system to another, that’s why Bagel adapts to your measurement unit preference. Whether you choose to measure in inches, feet, centimeters – you name it – Bagel provides you with your selected unit on its built-in OLED display.

Bagel’s smart features wouldn’t be complete without its out-of-the-box wireless connectivity. Thanks to its Bluetooth chip, you can download your measurement records onto your smartphone or tablet with the Bagel mobile app. The app is packed with useful features for managing your measurements, such as tracking changes in your body measurements, organizing measurements by mode, and chronologically sorting your measurement data. In addition, Bagel also lets you record your measurements via voice tags and the app will transcribe them into text – you’ll never forget one measurement again.

The Bagel digital tape measure aims to change the way we measure the things around us. In the past, tape measures have been the go-to tool for measurements. But it stayed the same over the years. Bagel is a completely unique approach when it comes to measuring things, yet it stays true to its core.