Vitrima: Take Stereoscopic 3D Videos With Your GoPro

Vitrima Videos

Memories are meant to be cherished and shared with the ones you care about. Taking videos is a great way to relive memories as they happened. But there is an even better way to capture and keep your precious moments in video – as if you were there again. Meet Vitrima, a 3D lens attachment for your GoPro camera. It instantly turns your ordinary outdoor camera into a 3D camera, that is able to capture stereoscopic 3D video without the complexity of specialized video gear. It easily attaches to your camera allowing you to take it anywhere and shoot 3D video in no time.

Vitrima aims to help you get the most out of your GoPro camera. It instantly adds 3D video shooting capabilities to your GoPro, making it a breeze to take immersive 3D videos anywhere and anytime. It takes just a few, simple steps to get Vitrima up and running. It comes with a built-in housing that snaps easily into place, and from there you have the flexibility to mount your GoPro to anything or just simply hold it while shooting 3D video.

The magic behind Vitrima’s 3D feature is simple: it works by the principle of our own eyes. Our eyes are purposely able to sense and perceive depth, each one creating an individual imagery of the scene we see. Vitrima creates two different images from each side, simulating how our eyes perceive our field of view. When we see these two images together, our brain instantaneously combines these images to form a singular frame that shows both detail and depth of field, which lets us see a three-dimensional image. Vitrima is hardware-based, so there’s no software trick involved – it uses mirrors to produce pure stereoscopic 3D right from your GoPro camera.

Vitrima Video

3D videos benefit from the popularity of virtual reality in the field of tech. You can watch your 3D videos shot using Vitrima using any VR headset, and experience an immersive way of watching your memories.

As GoPro cameras are made for the outdoors, Vitrima is also built tough. It’s durable enough to withstand the rugged outdoors, and is waterproof with IP67 compliance. Vitrima is fully compatible with GoPro Hero4 and Hero3 cameras, thanks to its built-in housing. All your GoPro camera features are retained so you can use your camera as usual, even with the Vitrima lens housing attached to it. The lens never interferes with your camera’s operation since it is hardware-based, and only modifies the video output it produces – much like a physical photo filter to any still camera.

Vitrima enhances your video shooting experience by adding stereoscopic 3D to your GoPro. It instantly turns your GoPro into a 3D camera without burning a hole in your wallet.