OmniCharge: Smart on-the-go power solution

Omnicharge Power

Ever wanted to have the ultimate power bank whenever you’re on the go? OmniCharge is the latest thing to come in tech as the ultimate smart power bank – it provides you a portable charging platform for all your devices, with so much more power to spare.

It’s hard to maintain power for your  electronics, especially when you do critical work  outdoors. With OmniCharge, you can have portable power whenever and wherever, thanks to its versatile plug-and-play design and a high-capacity power storage. It’s the most compact power bank that carries a standard AC/DC outlet and two USB ports equipped with fast charging technology. With a built-in micro-controller, it adjusts to your power needs with intelligent charging – it knows to give the right charge, and automatically cuts off power when your devices are good to go.

While other power banks of its class can’t handle charging devices and charging the power bank itself at the same time, OmniCharge sets apart from the competition by being able to support flow-through charging. You can use OmniCharge to power up your devices while it’s charging and plugged in.

If you think you can only use portable devices and gadgets with OmniCharge, think again. This power bank lets you plug conventional appliances such as TVs, fans, lights, portable speakers, and so much more with the provided 120-volt AC/DC socket. OmniCharge comes in two capacities: 13600 mAh and 20400 mAh, which gives out a peak output of 65W and 100W, respectively. Whatever device you have on hand, OmniCharge lets you easily power up almost anything on the go.

Omnicharge Go

Its USB rapid charging technology allows you to quickly charge your smartphone, tablet, or any device with a USB power connection. In addition, you can take advantage of its rapid charging feature for up to two USB-connected devices, along with the single AC/DC outlet. OmniCharge allows three devices to be charged all at once, so you won’t have to worry about leaving behind any device you have that’s running low on power juice.

OmniCharge was made from the ground up to take advantage of every power source you could ever use. With a universal charging socket, you can charge OmniCharge from a variety of sources. You can charge it from a standard wall socket using the OmniCharge fast charger, or with car chargers, solar panels, and even laptop adapters – giving you true flexibility for your power needs.

While other power banks serve a direct purpose, OmniCharge elevates the ordinary power bank with a handful of smart features built right in. OmniCharge adapts to your on-the-go lifestyle, giving you a flexible power management solution wherever you may be.