Sun-Box: Harness Sun’s energy anywhere

Sun Box Energy

The promise of solar energy is simple: to deliver a clean and dependable source of power for our everyday usage. However, many people are still reluctant about tapping into solar energy as the ultimate replacement for conventional power sources. The reason is that solar power is traditionally thought of as high cost and the complicated setup it takes just to get it running.

A team of individuals inspired to make solar energy more accessible and convenient is pushing a new way to deliver clean solar power to homes and offices. Meet the Sun-Box, a relatively easy solar energy solution for small-scale applications. What makes the Sun-Box unique is its portability and off-the-shelf convenience, as compared to the conventional grid-tied solar power systems found anywhere.

Sun-Box was developed in response to the increasing demand for solar energy. Its creators thought that it would be best to deliver solar power to homes and offices without all the complications that conventional solar power is associated with. Sun-Box comes in a simple box form that is easy enough to move around wherever you need power from the Sun.

The Sun-Box was made to be modular – which means it can be taken and put anywhere easily and quickly – the need for complicated setups are no longer an issue. Traditional home setups for solar energy usually needs a handful of wiring connections and installations and typically permit to affix panels.  Moreover, grid-tied solar power systems can’t fully take advantage of unlimited solar energy when there is a power outage. The Sun-Box was designed to take full advantage of the Sun’s virtually limitless energy potential – without the fuss.

With ease of use and portability in mind, Sun-Box allows independent use of unlimited energy from the Sun as it runs autonomously from the electrical grid system of your local utility company. In addition, its modular form lets you take it anywhere when you need power – this can be helpful for trips or even in an emergency, or even expand your boxes easily when you need higher power requirements.

A minimum of a single Sun-Box can deliver 100 Watts per hour, with a maximum output of 400 Watts. For a conservative home usage, you can have 10 Boxes and you will never take power from your electric utility ever again! For power storage at night, the Sun-Box is equipped with a long-life Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, which is rated to last up to three times longer than standard solar power battery systems.

The Sun-Box is also smart out of the box. It connects to your Wi-Fi network, and works with the Sun-Box app for your mobile device. The app lets you view every piece of information about your power usage, as well as the box’s solar energy production data.

Solar energy’s potential to power our everyday lives is huge, yet the things that we need to fully leverage that potential are slowly yet surely coming. The Sun-Box is a new step towards harnessing the Sun’s unlimited energy potential – coming in as an easy yet remarkable solution to more accessible solar power.