ZØRE X: Smart lock for your firearm

Z0re lock

Many people own guns for a number of reasons. To secure ourselves and our loved ones from imminent personal attacks, or simply just a mandatory security accessory for a handful of jobs. Although they were made to fend others from doing harm, it can also do harm by itself. Luckily today, guns have become the latest items  to benefit from smart technologies, making them less obtrusive to others.

Firearm safety is something that every gun owner needs to focus on. Introducing ZØRE X, a cartridge-shaped gun lock that gives you quick and easy access to your gun whenever you need to, while also providing top-level security at all times.

ZØRE X aims to change our perception of gun security by using smart technologies. It’s essentially a smart gun lock that you can fully control and monitor with a smartphone app. And when the moment arises and you can’t just use your phone to unlock your gun, there’s a fail-safe option built right into the lock itself that will allow you to easily put up your gun in seconds. This is possible thanks to its RAPIDial technology – ZØRE X comes equipped with an electro-mechanical dial, which allows you to unlock your gun under almost all circumstances, even in the dark.

Complementing the ZØRE X are the ZØRE Bridge and the ZØRE Watchdog, two companion devices that work hand in hand with the smart gun lock. What the Bridge does is it stays in your home, tracking your gun all the time, and locks the gun automatically and alarms you when it detects suspicious activity. The Watchdog is another companion device which connects via Wi-Fi and alerts you of your gun’s security wherever you may be in the world.

Z0re lock

ZØRE’s smart features can be fully unlocked with its smartphone app for both iOS and Android devices. It lets you set automatic configurations based on your usage patterns. For example, it can lock your gun whenever you’re at home, and unlocks it for you for a certain location or situation you set. The app even lets you unlock your gun with just one tap – however you may only lock it manually on the gun lock itself.

Featuring safe ways to secure your gun and unlock it whenever the need arises, ZØRE X is a smart gun lock that takes the security of your gun to new levels. It can help revolutionize gun safety and storage for years to come.