OOWA: Level up your mobile photography game

oowa photography

Using our Smartphone and tablets, it’s really easy to capture everyday moments with the click of a button. Before phone cameras, it took special equipment like DSLRs to take crisp imagery. But thanks to advanced optics in Smartphone cameras, mobile photography has opened up an avenue for almost anyone to easily take captivating photos and share these shots with ease.

One tech innovation wants to disrupt and spin mobile photography around, and take it one notch higher with a simple lens add-on. The OOWA mobile camera lens is a small yet feature-packed phone camera attachment that transforms your ordinary smartphone photos into high-quality, professional-looking pictures. It promises to help in shooting photos that you wouldn’t believe that came from a standard Smartphone.

The OOWA comes in two variants: a 15-mm wide-angle lens, and 2.5X telephoto lens. Each lens has a unique shooting capability, and your creativity is the only limit when it comes to capturing great photos. The 15-mm lens attachment shoots wide-angle photos by essentially expanding the viewfinder horizon. By default, Smartphone cameras are set to shoot photos with a predefined field of view, and most of the time your Smartphone camera will not be able to capture all the details. The OOWA 15-mm wide-angle lens gives a wider view of your photos and it comes handy when taking landscape photography.

OOWA Photography

A 2.5X Telephoto lens attachment is also offered. This helps to shoot great-looking macro photos, and take closeup shots without actually getting too close to your subject. Many phone users tend to shoot closeup photos using digital zoom, however, that typically does not helping much as digital zoom usually distorts the final image and makes it look fuzzy. With the OOWA Telephoto lens attachment, you can take closeup photos in high resolution and without any distortion.

OOWA has a clever attachment system, different from other similar phone camera lenses on the market. A phone case is provided with the lens attachment, and the lens attaches to the case with a mechanical bayonet system. This allows the lens to be secured in place and be easily interchanged as well. OOWA says that it’s so easy to secure and remove the lens attachment – you can do it even with your eyes closed.

OOWA is made to work with the iPhone 6 and 6S series (6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus) and support for other phones such as Android might be coming to market soon.

With a simple lens attachment, you can easily transform your everyday moments into great photos. OOWA presents itself as a mobile photography solution that aims to help you take better photos with your Smartphone.