Boie: The Future of the toothbrush, today

Boie Toothbrush

If you think the conventional toothbrush couldn’t get any better, think again. With advancements in materials technology, many usual and ordinary objects we use in our everyday lives – including toothbrushes – can be a notch better than they are. Introducing the Boie Toothbrush, a successor to the normal toothbrush which features a handful of ergonomic and environmental innovations.

The main use of a toothbrush is to remove plaque and food debris from your mouth. Conventional toothbrushes uses nylon for the bristles – it does the trick, but it leaves microscopic abrasions in your gums and mouth linings, which can be inflamed or cause more serious mouth problems like gum disease and bad breath. What makes Boie stand out as a new kind of toothbrush is that its bristles are made from a newly-developed medical-grade elastomer. This elastomer has been tested and proven to be gentle on gums while being effective in cleaning your mouth.

Boie promises to clean your teeth and gums with care, and it also aims to prevent bacteria from growing in the bristles themselves. As we know many toothbrushes have no anti-bacterial properties, making them vulnerable to bacteria growth within the bristles as you use your brush. Boie solves this problem by incorporating positively-charged silver ions in the elastomer itself, making the bristles resistant to bacteria by inhibiting bacteria growth every time. Not only the silver ions prevent microbial growth, it also helps to keep Boie clean and odorless.

Tired of replacing your entire toothbrush every now and then? The Boie comes in a modular form, which means its bristle head is interchangeable. You won’t need to buy an entirely new toothbrush when Boie lets you replace just the bristles whenever you need to.

Boie Toothbrush

Boie also carries a patent-pending S-shaped proprietary form factor, an ergonomic design to increase user comfort during everyday use. The benefits of this design include the ability to clean even the most hard to reach areas in your mouth, having a comfortable brushing experience every single time, and the increase in precision and accuracy of having a complete clean brush. Boie seeks to give you a pleasant brushing experience while keeping its promise of a gentle yet clean brush.

With its medical-grade elastomer for the bristles and the interchangeable bristle heads, Boie marks a high environmental compliance. Statistics show that over 50 million pounds of plastic waste in the U.S. alone can be linked to toothbrushes. Boie aims to reduce the overall toothbrush waste footprint by making its materials environmentally-friendly as possible. The elastomer lasts twice as long as conventional nylon-based bristles, which essentially translates to a 50% reduction of bristle waste footprint. And the interchangeable bristle heads prolongs the usage of the handle.

Thanks to its ergonomic design and durable, environmentally-friendly materials, the Boie toothbrush really sets the bar for the future of the humble toothbrush.