Anyware: Unifies smart home control In one device

Smart Home

Getting your home to run using smart home tech looks cool and easy. However, the truth is that it really requires some tweaks here and there to get  running as smooth as possible. To get your existing devices at home to work with smart home tech, you need to run multiple setups and set various configurations depending on its specific function or kind.

You might think that it could be possible to eliminate multiple setups and configurations, when one device could do many complicated or tedious setups for you. This is where the Anyware Smart Adaptor comes into play: a small light bulb socket adapter that’s packed with smart features to combine securing your home, setting the right temperature when you’re in, and controlling your home lighting – all in one small device.

It would be almost unbelievable to think that a tiny light bulb socket could do many things to make home automation a breeze. Anyware promises to combine your home security features as well as your home’s lighting and thermostat controls in one device. This tiny device plugs right into any existing light bulb socket in your home, and with a single setup you can configure many home automation abilities.

Anyware is filled with various sensors to monitor various parameters, including ambient light, temperature and humidity levels, and even the amount of sound present in your home. Anyware uses these vital information to adjust its behavior depending on your preferences. For example, with its geo-fencing feature you can set your home to automatically adjust the temperature and light when it senses that you came home from work or school. It also features encrypted communication between your smart home devices, preventing outdoor attacks and compromises.


It also secures your home whenever it senses you’re away. Anyware features deep learning algorithms to understand your usual behavior at home, and then automatically sends signals to any of your linked smart home devices to recreate your activities at home when you’re out and about. Its geo-fencing feature senses your presence, and detects when you’re away. With this, Anyware can put on the lights and adapt your usage patterns as if you’re physically present.

As it fits with any light bulb socket, Anyware blends seamlessly with your home fixtures and never presents itself as an obtrusive device. It comes with ease of use in mind, thanks to its wide compatibility with a variety of home automation protocols and interoperability standards such as Apple’s HomeKit, IFTTT, and Amazon Echo. And with the Anyware app for iOS and Android devices, you can easily control and monitor your home automation whenever it’s fitted with the Anyware adapter.

Its wireless capabilities are powered by 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy, making it compatible with almost any smart home tech device you may have on hand.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is a game changer for smart home automation, as it packs lots of useful features in a tiny package. With a single smart light socket, you can have full control of your home automation in your fingertips, and even secure your home from potential attackers or thieves when you’re away, giving you peace of mind.