Whisper: Block out noise from your room

Whisper noise

Noise is all around us, and we have to deal with it every single day. It comes from a variety of sources, such as cars, airplanes, people, and civil works like construction activities. Lots of noise is actually detrimental to one’s well-being, and too much exposure to noise, actually has long-term side effects to humans. Luckily, we won’t have to deal with so much noise thanks to new advances in technology. One new tech startup based in Wellington, New Zealand is creating a simple solution to alleviate indoor noise. It’s called Whisper, a self-sustaining indoor noise canceling system.

Officially known as the Whisper Noise Canceler or WNC, it aims to greatly reduce perceived indoor noise caused by external noise sources. It is a modular system, with two modules that attach to both the outside and inside of a specific room or closed area where you want to reduce noise. It works by having an outdoor unit, equipped with highly sensitive microphones that detect the level and intensity of noise coming from the outside. This data is then transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth onto the paired indoor unit, which then emits specific anti-phase sound waves to give its noise-canceling effect.

With a wide frequency range from 200 Hz up to 140 KHz, the WNC can cancel out even the lowest and some of the highest frequency noise. It claims to reduce 110 decibels of perceived external noise to a comfortable 45 decibels, which is roughly the level of commonplace noise in libraries.

It powers itself with a solar panel unit which requires almost no intervention. When there is little to no sunshine, you can recharge the WNC with a USB-powered socket. A nice little feature of the WNC is that its anti-phase reproducers also work as built-in speakers which you can use to stream your tunes wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The WNC is built tough, able to withstand extreme environment conditions like cold and hot weather, humid climates, and strong sun and wind conditions.

Its simple design and advanced features make Whisper a true innovative noise-canceling system, improving one’s well-being and living up to its name.