Bitdefender BOX: Beefs up your IoT security

Bitdefender BOX product

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a smart tech platform that enables “dumb” devices to be more functional and adaptive to your predetermined rules and schedule. We all use our existing devices, such as Smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches at home or in the office. It may sound cliché, but IoT – just like any connected network is  at risk of attacks and slowdowns caused by bugs and computer viruses.

IoT security is one thing to consider, and that is where the Bitdefender BOX steps in. The BOX is literally a small white box-shaped device that serves as a security hub for all your IoT-connected hardware devices. It plugs right into your router via an Ethernet cable. How the BOX beefs up your IoT security is essentially replacing your router’s DHCP (dynamic host control protocol). This gives it the ability to filter out your network’s traffic, for both incoming and outgoing connections.

If you’re familiar with how a firewall works, the Bitdefender BOX does exactly that. It serves as the firewall for your IoT-connected devices, helping to secure every connection and block out any malicious or suspicious attempts within the network.


Bitdefender BOX offers a range of security features for IoT hardware, including virus protection and privacy protection. If you’re very concerned with how your private information goes around within your IoT hardware, the BOX seems to be a perfect fit to help you ease your worries with data theft or security compromise.

The BOX offers support for iOS and Android devices, letting you control various settings and parameters within the Bitdefender BOX mobile app. The hardware itself is compliant with existing wireless protocols, including support for 802.11b/g/n at 2.4GHz. The BOX is currently available for $199, which includes support for unlimited number of devices. However, to get all the security features it offers, a yearly subscription of $99 is needed. Your first year is free for you to test everything out.

The Bitdefender BOX presents itself as an easy way to secure all your connected hardware at home or office. If you have lots of IoT-enabled devices and concerned about securing your networks, the BOX is the security solution for you.