ENGO: all-in-one portable music & charging


You may have found yourself in a situation where you want  to listen to music and share it with others, and suddenly your device ran out of battery ‘juice’ unexpectedly.  What if a gadget lets you pump out your tunes while charging your smartphone or tablet at the same time – even wirelessly? This cool idea to integrate your portable music and power needs is the basis for ENGO, an all-in-one music, charging, and docking station aiming to close the inconvenient gap of doing one task at a time – when you can simply do both.

ENGO is the brainchild of PowerSquare, a tech startup based in Austin, Texas. It keeps your devices’ battery juices flowing, while keeping you entertained with your music library. Not only that, it features convenience and portability while on the go thanks to wireless charging and an ergonomic form factor.

Having two completely different solutions combined within a sleek yet functional design was not an easy task for PowerSquare – yet the ENGO executes this effortlessly, while keeping the user’s convenience in mind. Starting with 3D-printed prototypes, the ENGO evolved into a triangular prism-shaped contraption, combining powerful surround-sound speakers and a voluminous 10,000-mAh power pack that lets anyone to stream music and charge multiple devices at the same time.


ENGO features Bluetooth 4.2 to connect your device wirelessly and stream music or any audio content without compromising on sound quality and fidelity. At the heart of ENGO is a 40mm high-excursion subwoofer paired with a custom 45mm high-sensitivity driver that delivers crystal clear audio with a wide frequency range. It also features the aptX audio codec with low latency, virtually eliminating any lag on any audio-visual content, such as movies. It promises up to 40 hours of continuous music playback.

Its charging solution is given in two ways: you can take advantage of ENGO’s fast charging via the wired route for up to three (3) devices at once, or have the convenience of the Qi wireless charging for your compatible devices.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? You can take ENGO anywhere, with an IPX4-compliant waterproof cover and a splash-proof body. It’s also built tough with drop test certification, able to withstand 1-meter-high drops.

Made to combine wireless music streaming, convenient fast and wireless charging, and a rugged construction, ENGO is made to be the only portable gadget hub you’ll ever need.