Oco2: Home Monitoring Camera

Oco2 Home Monitoring Camera


There are a lot personal security cameras on the market and most of them all do the same thing. The purpose of having an HD monitoring camera is to monitor your home, your loved ones, see if your workers are being productive and most importantly, for peace of mind. These devices can record all activity for 24 hours per day.  Oco2 has put a new and interested twist into the marketplace with their camera. The Camera has a SD Card and Cloud Storage that will still record video even if your WiFi is not working. This is an important feature as disconnecting the internet in someone’s residence or business is as simple as cutting a wire. The next great feature is the camera can set up in as little as 60 seconds.  It can be mounted to any metal surface using the magnetic base or you can hang in on the all with screws or double-sided tape.

What has to be one of the best features is no charge for cloud storage. Other features includes night vision, two way talk and 140 degrees wide viewing angle. There are smart motions and sound detections to help avoid false push notifications. No one wants to be alerted to a false alarm.

Oco2 security camera



Oco2 is powered by Invideon. You can use their iOS or Android app to monitor the activities on your camera, as there is no computer needed to operate.You will also find a Time Warp feature which allows the user to get a short video of all moving objected detected within a selected time frame. You can also give access of the camera to family members or select employees. Whether you need to monitor your home or business, having a security camera like Oco2 gives you all of the tools to keep you informed  of surroundings, even when you are not there.