IronBot: A robot your kids can build

Ironbot Robot

Robot’s are cool, that is what most people will say, and we happen to agree with that statement. Taking the time to build something with your hands is becoming a lost art form for most people that will simply press buttons on their keyboard all day. IronBot is a robot for kids ages eight (8) and up. While the makers of IronBot have a focus on kids, there are plenty of adults that will enjoy this do-it-yourself (DIY) robot kit.

The robot learning kit consists of structural metal, adapting pieces, a mini control and battery module. There are three (3) different assembly models which are biped, robotic arm and humanoid robot. You can also disassemble and rebuild a different model at any time. Once you have finishing building the humanoid version,  you can attach your Smartphone to the robot which acts as the brain. You will need to download the app as well.   The robot can listen, speak and act to comments and even does things such as dance for you or will take a picture of you.  Programming allows you to set the name, character and expressions making it completely interactive.


Ironbot Robot


IronBot is not only a lot of fun, there is an educational aspect to it as well. Rather then just purchasing a regular toy at the store, this can teach kids different skills and gives them a look into what the future holds. The controls are in real time and movement can also be programmed to predetermined settings. This allows for simulation of certain movements you might see in an assembly plant.

One of the great aspects for kids (and adults) is seeing their custom creation come to life. IronBot is a great way to intro users of all ages to robotics. There is an enormous amount of work that goes into the mechanical and electrical engineering of these devices, not to mention the design and construction. Products like IronBot is what makes education fun for all.