Meet Vi, your new personal trainer

Meet Vi your personal trainer


Part motivational coach, part inspiration, part data driven, part helpful, are just a few words to describe “Vi”.  Imagine having a personal trainer with you whenever you want or need one. Vi, is an artificial intelligence personal trainer. Vi is a wearable that can help you with many different aspects of fitness. If you want to loose weight, stay fit or push yourself beyond limits, this is the product that can help take you there. The company behind Vi is Life Beam.

Imagine ‘Siri’ on steroids with a pure focus on improving your health.  Vi talks to you and gives you valuable data not only during your workouts, but during the day. While going for a jog or vigorous run, ask Vi “heart rate” and immediately she will tell you what it is. She can also tell you if your heart rate (BPM) is below your normal zone, she will then say things such as “want to pick up your pace”, which is motivation in your ear to push yourself.

Vi analyzes data from previous workout history, goals and apps such as Google Fit and Apple HealthKit. Bio-sensors detect real-time information for heart rate as well as exertion. Vi also knows your elevation, location and weather in the area. Life Beam has also partnered with harman/kardon to bring amazing sound quality for listening to your music and for hearing VI’s soothing voice.

Meet Vi your personal trainer

The user experience seems to be fantastic. Vi not only gives you motivation, but will tell you when you are pushing just a bit too hard in your workouts.  You will also be notified of updates during your workout, including milestone beacon’s telling you about how far you have ran, distance and duration.  She will also help you get into a good grove with running to a good beat.

Vi really makes you feel that you have someone there with you every step of this way. This fantastic wearable allows you to focus on your health while being informed with valuable data every step of the way. Vi just may change the way you look at exercise and health.